Founder’s Message

“Understanding and love is not something that you gain, it exists like a seed in every child. The Hoa Nghiem Primary School was founded as an environment where children can be awakened to their capacity to be wise and loving individuals. Through education, meditation and mindfulness practices, they will enter society as global citizens and contribute with compassionate thoughts and actions.” 


Senior Venerable Thich Thien Tam.

Mission Statement

Through daily practice of Buddhism, provide a safe, supportive and challenging learning environment that stimulates and engages students to love learning, experience personal and academic success, and become effective and caring members of the community.


Through Buddhist philosophy, awaken the seeds of wisdom that students will cultivate to become wise leaders demonstrating ethics of understanding in all aspects of life and succeed as global citizens connected to their communities.


  1. Open mind: we value the practice of strengthening the skills of deep listening without prejudice, applying an inquiring mind, being respectful, honest and sincere in order to approach the truth.

  2. Open heart: we value the practice of strengthening self-acceptance and tolerance, inclusiveness, understanding, caring for self and others.

  3. Integrity: we value strength of character, cultivating wisdom to nurture compassion and courage by living up to the moral code of behaviour.

  4. Lifelong learning: we value intellectual growth, creativity and the spirit of inquiry.

  5. Wise leadership: we value responsible and fair leadership to contribute significantly to team spirit guided by ethical moral conduct; leading to deep gratitude and the spirit of selflessness.

  6. Sense of community: we value community and the need to be an active and contributing member of society, especially in a multicultural and diverse country.

  7. Advocacy for Nature and ecology: we value the courage to actively participate in creating a more ecological world.

  8. Spirituality: we value the Buddhist spiritual journey through reflective practice and altruism in daily life.

Teaching Team - Happy Teachers

Eleni Hutchison


Georgia Shannon

Grade 2/3

Grace Bunn

Grade 4/5

Amy McCall

Grade 6

​Specialist Team

Tamara Kuldin 

Performing Art

​Voice & Speech

 Rachel Close         Marie-Laure Mimoun     Peter Biggs

 Awareness            STEM                          Sport

Sarah Kimball

Visual Art

Tu My Nguyen


​Support and Admin Team

Bern Foster

Speech Pathologist

Qing Li              Thuy Vy Nguyen

Teacher Aide      EAL support

Mrs Phuong Tran


Mrs Lily Lam

Office Manager/First Aids Officer

Ms Ha Diep

Admin Assistant

Ven. Thich Phuoc



Dr. Marie-Laure Mimoun

Vice Principal

​Operation, Development

E: principal

E: marie-laure

Rachel Close

Vice Principal


Innovation, Staff

E: rachel.close

Hoa Nghiem Buddhist College 2020