Founder’s Message

“Understanding and love is not something that you gain, it exists like a seed in every child. The Hoa Nghiem Primary School was founded as an environment where children can be awakened to their capacity to be wise and loving individuals. Through education, meditation and mindfulness practices, they will enter society as global citizens and contribute with compassionate thoughts and actions.” 


Senior Venerable Thich Thien Tam.


POSITION 1 -  Early Childhood Teacher

FPOSITION 2  -  Early Childhood Educators

We are offering a number of part-time and casual positions for early childhood educators at our new long day care, opening in 2022. We are looking for dedicated, creative and passionate educators who approach their role with an open mind and heart to provide quality care, education and support to toddlers and children. 


A minimum of a 2-year full time, or part time equivalent Early Childhood qualification 


An interest in, and an awareness of the practices and philosophy of Buddhism.


Please submit your application via email to: by 5 pm on Tuesday  November 2021.