Our goal at HNBC is to fostering a love of learning by combining contemporary education and Buddhist philosophies that promote wellbeing, a deep sense of self, confidence, innovation, critical thinking and a flourishing heart that has a profound reverence for life in all its forms. 

Hoa Nghiem ’s Curriculum Framework provides teachers and parents with a guide in the sense of ‘What do we want students to learn?’ It also provides a view on effective pedagogical approaches ‘How best will they learn?’, and includes guidelines on effective and appropriate assessment ‘How will we know what they have learned?’

Our curriculum represents a combination of wide-ranging research and experience in both education and Buddhism.  




   At Hoa Nghiem we strongly believe in the following principles of learning:

  • We believe in supporting student centred learning and amplifying student voice and agency.

  • We believe in multi-faceted collaboration to create a true participative learning community that fosters a love for learning and a deep respect for other people’s contributions.

  • We believe that language development enables us to construct and share our understanding of the world and should be fundamental to all learning. We offer a rich, relevant and holistic language program that values the promotion of mother tongue and multilingualism.

  • We believe in promoting sustainability for all living things through the Buddhist practice and the science of biomimicry.

  • We believe that through Buddhist practices we can strengthen personal wellbeing, promote a growth mindset and awaken a flourishing heart.

  • We believe that rigorous and consistent assessment procedures and timely feedback are essential in facilitating and monitoring growth and providing targeted teaching.

  • We believe in enabling deep engagement and a strong sense of purpose in our learning through a focus on real world connections and the practical application of life skills.

  • We believe in promoting innovation and preparing learners for an ever-evolving world through guided risk-taking, exploration and experiential learning.

  • We believe in facilitating critical thinkers who thrive when challenged; when given the opportunity, they inquire, construct and apply new knowledge.

  • We believe in fostering creativity and flexibility; where resilience, empathy and compassion is developed through the exploration of ideas.

  • We believe in embracing, facilitating and fostering inquiry based learners that venture into the real-world and solve problems beyond the walls of the classroom. 

  • We believe in facilitating deep learning challenges that are inspired by transdisciplinary thinking and learning.

  • We believe in recognizing and celebrating individual differences, supporting all learners to flourish and experience fulfillment through a differentiated teaching approach.

  • We believe in embracing and adapting to student needs, interests and culture by providing a flexible and responsive curriculum.

  • We believe in the power of questioning as a tool to identify, discuss, argue and express opinions and perspectives.

  • We believe in recognising and growing community and parent partnerships to support learning and engagement.

  • We believe in creating a culturally inclusive community that respectfully celebrates and embraces diversity.

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